Improve Communication Across the Organization

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"Difference is the beginning of Synergy"

Proper communication in an organization is vital.  How much we understand, appreciate, and respect those around us effects that communication process.  We see the world through our MO (Modus Operandi) and therefore how we problem solve and thus, communicate, depends on our individual MO.   While you can have the CEO communicating a vision of a bright future and all the change that will accompany that vision, you can have those on the team cringing at the unknowns and uncertainty that might be looming down the road, only to labeled as the Debbie Downer on the team. Or when the team gets stuck in analysis paralysis and the meeting goes on and on..........and on........... only to find out that nothing gets resolved, and tabled to the next meeting, and the frustration and stress mounts as others have reached a decision long before.

Once you can understand, appreciate, and respect the people around you, and for the strengths that they bring to the table, it brings communication to a different level.  It allows us to communicate with others in the way that they assimilate the information, therefore, enriching the information and bring greater understanding.  

The creation of a dynamic synergistic team depends on the diverse instinctive nature of it's members.  We need to make sure that we cover all of our bases on the team to get the maximum result.  When we have a team that all does things the same way, we get locked into inertia and will not move forward, when we don't have enough people to mediate we end up with conflict or polarity.  When we equally distribute our talents we end up with a dynamic, engaged, and truly functional team. 

Knowing the MO of those around you is imperative to creating that team.

"I would recommend Warren Barry and the Kolbe program to any organization that is looking to improve productivity, unlocking the inherent potential within its people."

Stu Niebergall                                                                                                                 Executive Director
Regina & Region Home Builders Association  


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