Instinctive Ergonomics

Focus, Manage, and Align Your Mental Energy

If we provide our office staff with a poor desk, a poor monitor and keyboard height, the wrong chair, and a bad physical working environment, we will find that the staff are frustrated, stressed, unhealthy, and looking for a reason to get out.  When the expectations of a position are misaligned with the natural talents of the staff, the results are the same.  When we are asking our staff to perform tasks that they don't naturally do, we are asking them to go against their instincts.  When we have to find our instincts, we will then be frustrated, stressed, unhealthy, and will look for a reason to get out.

By aligning our natural  problem solving strengths of your people, with the needs of your organization we can ensure the right people are working on the right problems.  Each individual on the team  has their own natural way of problem solving, and by knowing what those talents are, we can then not only  maximize their personal potential, but also create a dynamic synergy of the entire team.  This also increases productivity, efficiency, employee engagement, and reduces stress, absenteeism, and staff turnover.

"Warren's knowledge and passion for Kolbe made the workshop energetic, fun, and most importantly powerful for the staff. Since the workshop we have seen improved workflows, improved office morale, and the MO buzz is still in the air.We would definitely work with Warren again to continue to improve our workflows, staff efficiency, and tenancies."

Jason Galon, CEO                                                                                                     Galon Insurance Brokers

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