Instincts at Work

Employees will always perform better and succeed when working in an environment with an approach that increases and utilizes their mental energy. We all have 100% of mental energy to use every day, it’s how we use that energy which sets us up for success or failure in our day.  How we naturally get things done is an individual approach, and we all have our unique strengths and talents to contribute to the team.  When we as leaders misalign our employee’s instincts with their job, we are asking them to operate outside of their natural way of doing things.  It is unnatural, it’s frustrating, and painful. This can result in stress, poor performance, absenteeism, disengagement and eventually illness.  Wouldn’t it give you a great advantage to know the natural strengths of your employees and to be able to align them with the best fit possible in their job? 

The instinctive, or conative aspect of your mind is the innate “doing” portion of your mind.  It is a different and distinguishable pathway from the cognitive (thinking) or affective (feeling) part of the mind. It has nothing to do with your intelligence or your personality.  The conative aspect of your mind is where your natural strengths, mental energy, innate drive, and talents reside.  This is how you take action and problem solve.  This is how you naturally get things done, you have been doing it this way your whole life.  Instincts are needs, not wants.

There are 4 Kolbe Action Modes®️ of action that are measured:

Fact Finder The way we gather and share information. People within this mode range from generalist to specialist.
The way we arrange and design information. People within this mode range from being adaptive to being structured / systematic.
Quick Start The way we deal with risk and uncertainty. People within this mode range from stabilizers to improvisers.
Implementor The way we handle space and tangibles. People within this mode range from being abstract to concrete.

Every one of us will take action in these modes, but the amount of time and energy that we spend in each mode will differ.  Have you ever wondered why some people do the things they do? Why when you hired someone with a great personality and experience never worked out once you got them into the position?  Why some of your people never seem to meet your expectations?  Once you know the instincts of the people on your team, you can place them into the positions that match their natural talents.  This will answer all of the questions above, and in turn, create a highly functioning truly synergistic team.  The results will speak for themselves. 

”The Kolbe Index is a phenomenal tool to understand how and why people act, react and interact in their environment. Absolutely essential for a team to be successful!”
Greg Van Ginkel, CEO Commercial Lines.
“Kolbe was very successful in our organization. Our team members welcomed the validation of their natural talents, and it added another dimension to our office culture and Warren's enthusiastic style generated a lot of positive feedback.”  
James Archer, CEO