Watch Warren Barry in action as he walks you through the benefits of Kolbe and how it can completely restructure your workplace dynamics.


The Kolbe tool is a phenomenal tool to understand why and how people act, react, and interact in their environment. It is absolutely essential for a team to be successful.
— Greg Van Ginkel | Knight Archer Insurance
We truly appreciate all the support we have received from Warren. He has made the entire process easy to facilitate and easy to understand for employees. Warren is an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services if you wish to better understand yourself and your team!
— ROXANE LIVINGSTON | Hillberg & Berk

Duck, Duck, Goose.

Do you ever feel like you’re dancing to the beat of a different drum? A goose in the midst of a pond full of ducks? We are all uniquely different. There can be incredible success when we are allowed to function in our unique skill sets for our personal lives, and also for the organizations we serve.

It’s time to give yourself permission to be you - flaws and all. It’s that simple. You matter. You make a difference. You’re awesome.

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About Warren Barry

Sometimes known as the "Kolbe Guy", Warren has quickly become recognized for being the "Duck, Duck, Goose Guy." An award-winning pioneer in the field of human resources, Warren studies the implications of counter-intuitive work environments on individuals and organizations as a whole. Warren brings insights to employees, employers, and human resource professionals alike which leads to harmony, productivity, and profitability.