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Instinctive Solutions was founded in 2010 as Warren Barry became a certified Kolbe Facilitator. Founded in addition to a Myofascial Release Therapy business - Warren had a desire to help small to large companies build better teams. Through his work Warren discovered a link between chronic Myofascial pain and conative stress and began to build case studies to document cause and effect.

Stress in an organization can rob the team of energy, time, and resources. For the last 25 years, Warren has worked in the healthcare industry and as an entrepreneur studying and treating chronic pain. Over the last decade, he discovered the missing link for his patients - treating the root cause of their stress with Kolbe Wisdom. He has conducted a number of case studies on the topic and coined the term “Instinctive Ergonomics” to describe the results of counter-intuitive work placements in the development of chronic pain. Warren was awarded the Conative Professional Award in 2016 for this groundbreaking research.

Today, Instinctive Solutions is recognized for ground-breaking research and game-changing programs that empower individuals, teams, and organizations to take flight with a focus on the personal strengths of each employee, facilitating the creation of collective excellence, and by helping employers find the right-fit employees to begin with. 


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