the world is your pond.

When we take the time to really see and appreciate the people around us, we take the time to better the pond.

How can you better the pond?

  • Send a card to a friend

  • Hold the door for someone

  • Help bag someones groceries

  • Volunteer with a local organization

  • Smile at a stranger

  • Bring doughnuts to the office


Welcome to the Pond - your sphere of influence. It reaches well beyond those in front of you and carries ripples - touching lives globally. We believe we are better together.

When you throw a pebble in a pond - the ripples echo across the entire surface - no matter the size.

#BetterThePond is a movement designed to encourage taking the time to appreciate and truly see those around us. Our team at Instinctive Solutions makes the time to notice and celebrate people, and the joy of giving. From buying a coffee, paying appreciation to a stranger, to supporting a little league team - we believe each action has a reaction. What ripple effect will your actions cause?


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