In order for a flock of geese to be efficient and productive in flight, they fly in a V.  They do it for a reason. During flight, the lead goose never stays the lead goose.  They trade off, they take turns, they help each other. Each goose in flight counts on the goose in front of him / her to create a draft behind them to make it easier for the goose behind.  Just as in business, depending on the direction of the organization, there are times when leadership needs to change. Do we need innovation and change, or do we need stability and security? Sometimes a new flight plan is required, or new materials need to be discovered and used.  We can count on the talents of each individual to help us get to where we want to go.  

Try as it might a duck can never be a goose. Imagine a goose trying to live as a duck. It may walk like a duck and quack like a duck - but it is still a goose.

People are the same. Each individual has natural strengths and challenges in the workplace. When employees work against their natural innate patterns to meet job demands, physical pain and stress can result. This increases employee turnover, stress leave, and insurance claims.

How many people on your team suffer from stress and chronic pain? Are they exchanging meetings and productive work time for appointments or restricting duties because of pain? No matter how much training, support, and/or benefits are provided - something is disconnected. We can help. Take Flight with Instinctive Solutions.


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Stress and chronic pain are major causes of employee disconnect. Explore the implications in Warren's award-winning case study. 


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we can't make a goose a duck.

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