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As the CEO or business owner, you see things very differently from everyone else.  You have the responsible for the entire operation.  Leading everyone in the same direction.  You need to make sure that everyone is flying in a V behind you. How do you make that happen?

A key factor in business' success is it's people. The capacity to which those people are actively engaged will have a bottom line impact on the productivity, efficiency, retention, and profitability of your company.

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Statistics Canada shows that:

  • 60% of employees are disengaged

  • 15% are actively disengaged

  • 25% are actively engaged at work

This results in 350 million dollars in lost productivity in North America alone!

If you are losing money because of poor productivity - there is hope.

Aligning people’s natural strengths to the roles and responsibilities of their position can turn these statistics around.

Everyone has personal strengths in how they naturally get things done. When you start aligning the natural strengths of the people with the roles and job demands where they can excel and perform, you have created your golden pond.

Back to the goose analogy, what happens when you plan to land in the slough, but due to course correction, you end up in the field.  How does everyone respond? Why do some accept it and adapt to the situation, while others are questioning every change and direction, and get their feathers ruffled?

There are times in business when you're flying at amazingly fast speeds, and the next time things slow down.  How do you manage the change of pace?


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