Envision yourself at the edge of a pond or a lake, just sitting there taking in all that nature has to offer.

Whether it was cloudy, sunny, windy, or raining, what was the chance that you picked up a pebble and threw it into the water?

 When you did, how far did the ripples go? One small pebble thrown into a really large pond has an effect much larger than the pebble itself. You may sit and watch the ripples go out, or you may walk away, and do not get to see the effect on the pond that you just created.  #betterthepond is just that.  We all live in the same pond trying to create the best habitat possible. No matter the climate conditions, where you are on the shoreline, or who is with you, we all have the opportunity to throw a pebble into our pond.  

What if you intentionally left 2 dollars behind at the car wash? What if you bought the person behind you a coffee?  What if you held the door open for someone and gave them a genuine smile? In doing so, you just threw a pebble into the pond.  How far do the ripples go?  Your guess is as good as mine.  What if they did the same for the next person they encounter? The ripples just went further yet, and if continued, could make waves.  

When you threw the pebble out, did you demand that the pond make ripples for you, or did you just enjoy and appreciate the outcome?  


When the pebble hit the water, it was a natural response that ripples were created, and it can be the same when you do something kind for someone else.  The natural inclination is for them to want to do the same. What if they were having a really crappy day, and just one small gesture turned their day around.  One small pebble, one big effect.

Now, I am not suggesting that you go throwing pebbles at people, that may get you a rather undesirable response.  But what you can do, is do something kind, caring, or generous for someone else expecting nothing in return. Create ripples. Cause a splash. Make waves. #betterthepond

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