Making Your Quirk Werk!


How are you getting your work done? 

Do you have the freedom to be yourself, and work your way?  Do you take the time to think about what works best for you, or is it another trudging, yawning, “time to make the donuts” day?  If you sit and reflect, have you determined what really works for you?  Are you sure you’re really making your Quirk Werk?

I was involved in a fantastic coaching program for entrepreneurs called The Strategic Coach based out of Toronto. It was three years of incredible learning, growth, and mindset change.  Dan Sullivan, the creator, and founder is brilliant.

One of the concepts I learned through the program and incorporated into my life is “The No Office Solution".

Which, as the name suggests, means that you do not have an office. You can work in a boardroom, on a couch somewhere, in a little nook in the corner, and my personal favorite, a coffee shop, which by no coincidence is exactly where I am working from right now to write!  I actually call it “my other office”.  Granted, I do have an office in my building, ‘cause it’s a place to put my stuff. But to be true to myself, and get the most of my capabilities and creativity, I go to my local coffee shop to get my best work done.  

Why does this work for me?

First of all, being chained to my desk is incredibly painful. Secondly, being alone surrounded by four walls with no windows is soul crushing. Thirdly, having no outside distractions or any space for my imagination shuts my brain down; not a feeling that I am particularly fond of. Since I take myself with me wherever I go, I might as well go to where I work best. 

Now, this may not be for everyone.  Some people like the comfortable confines of the office, or quiet workspaces to fully concentrate with no interruptions, and that’s perfectly fine if it works for you. But the questions is, have you put any thought into what you are doing for yourself, to make your Quirk Werk? 

If getting out and working on a park bench, or a coffee shop or your office space works better for you, then do it! Create the space and the environment that frees or comforts you and you will unleash your creativity, your focus, and your strengths.  Do your best to do your work YOUR way!  You benefit, the company benefits, and so do your customers, as you are giving them your best work.

When you go back to work, ask yourself, what space am I creating to make my Quirk Werk? 

Great discussion to have with your team. Give people the freedom to be themselves.

Warren Barry