Where are you going?

While I was out speaking in Kelowna, I stopped in at the local Milestones restaurant for dinner. 

I was greeted by my server who was very friendly and courteous. Dinner was great, and I headed back to my hotel.  Since the meal, and the food was so good, I decided to head back there again for dinner.  This time, I was greeted by a different server, still very pleasant and professional.  I asked where my server was from the night before, and they told me that she was managing that night.  So, I requested to see her, and we started an interesting conversation.  I had asked her, which did she like better, serving, or managing as they are two totally different jobs within the same business. The question stopped her in her tracks, as I don’t think that anyone asked her that question before, and she had to really stop to think about it.  She replied by saying that she just really enjoyed helping people.   I then asked her another question, what do you really want to do as a career?  She said that she had always wanted to help people, and to work in a social work capacity. Then life happened, she got into the restaurant business, and now really didn’t know where she was going.

When we have dreams of where and how we want to put our talents out into the world, why don’t we follow them?  Where along the way do we get lost?  Is it because it is easier to just settle?  Is it because we listen to the people around us?  People telling us what we should and should not do? What they think is acceptable for us?   Do you know where you are going?

We all have our instinctive strengths, and I believe that if we listen to them, they will guide us in the right direction.  I believe that we are naturally drawn to the careers and jobs that match who we are, if we really listen to ourselves.  Its when we start to listen to others, that we get off track, because those people are coming at it from their instinctive position.  I think that you should do this because that’s what I would do. Well meaning, really bad advice.

Now, back to our waitress, she is still working with people, still helping, still doing good work, but not really truly fulfilled.   She was amazing at her job, and I was very happy as a customer, but imagine how amazing she would be if she was doing what she really wanted? 

Discover what makes you happy, what feels right, and where you know deep down that you will make a difference.  Then do that.  Are you listening?  Where are you going? 

Warren Barry