Congratulations to Warren Barry - The Winner of the 2016 Kolbe Professional Award!

Warren Barry Winner of the Kolbe Professional Award

Warren Barry of Instinctive Solutions is the proud recipient of the 2016 Kolbe Professional Award. The first in Regina to receive such an award, Warren is thrilled to share his success of a decade of dilligent work in his field.

The Kolbe Professional award honours an individual who has used their Kolbe expertise to make a significant and sustained difference for an organization or individual. Kolbe and the Kolbe index is a revolutionary tool that consultants, coaches, counsellors and companies can employ to find out what makes people tick. The index is an important indicator of a person’s natural instincts when it comes to work and life. Kolbe and the Kolbe indexes show how people are naturally driven and what their work instincts are.

Warren Barry has been a Certified Kolbe Consultant at Instinctive Solutions for 10 years. He was chosen for his innovative research study that is pioneering a discovery of the relationship between conative stress and chronic pain. His theory suggests that when people are working in positions that are counter-intuitive to their instincts - it will result in pain that causes them to leave their jobs in one way or another. 

Kolbe Professional Award 2016

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"Conative" - Do you mean Cognitive?

No, actually. Conation refers to your instinctual strengths and natural MO where your cognative function has more to do with the way your brain processes information.

Conation is a term that stems from the Latin conatus, meaning any natural tendency, impulse, striving, or directed effort.[1] Conative is one of three parts of the mind, along with the affective and cognitive. [2] In short, the cognitive part of the brain has to do with intelligence, the affective deals with emotions and the conative drives how one acts on those thoughts and feelings.

2016 is a GRound Breaking Year for Regina Entrepreneur, Warren Barry

Warren has been pioneering this study for nine years. He was honoured to be a nominee and then a finalist as he published his first draft of the study. That's not the only iron in the fire for this innovator. TEC Canada, a network of highly trained professionals which offers a peer advisory board for business leaders supported by one-to-one coaching, expert speakers, fast-paced learning and global networking, has invited Warren to be a speaker across the country. This marks a time of accelerated growth for his company and the impact Warren and Instinctive Solutions will have on the landscape of Canadian Businesses is yet to be unveiled.  

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I explore the conative dissonance that occurs when a person works against their modus operandi (MO). In addition to causing conative stress, the myofascial system is affected resulting in chronic pain and fibromyalgia symptoms. This study involves two participants wherein a pain assessment is taken before the advanced Kolbe solutions were applied, the Kolbe A and B Indexes are completed, and a personalized plan to reduce conative stress is crafted.


Warren Barry