City of Swift Current

The City of Swift Current has been honored to work with Warren Barry throughout the last year. We were looking for a unique way to incorporate team building activities and boost morale within our organization.  

Warren's infectious positivity enabled our employees to find and acknowledge their own value, skills, needs, and capabilities through the Kolbe method. 

Since bringing Warren on board, we have seen great success within our team and departments.  We are now using him regularly to help create a more positive and inclusive culture within full divisions throughout the company.

Kolbe itself has been a unique way to pull out employee strengths rather than focusing on limitations.  It’s become an imperative tool for developing relationships for teams and departmental best practices. 

Warren puts Kolbe and human behaviour into action and offers more in-depth and individualized solutions that work.  We know they work because we have seen the results first hand.

Not only does Warren deliver results, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. I find myself recommending him to everyone who is looking to build a stronger happier team.



Lyndsaye Greke

Manager, Human Resources, City of Swift Current

Heather Murphy