Twin Maple Industrial Tanks

I was first introduced to Warren Barry and Instinctive Solutions through my TEC Canada Key Group.  Warren came in as a resource speaker where he introduced the concept of the Conative Mind and the Kolbe Index.  I was impressed both with the concept and the tool.  While personality inventories are useful in understanding and building a team, personality traits tend to be fluid over time and don’t necessarily explain core motivations or impulses of the individual.  The conative profile created by the Kolbe Index is as close to being absolute for any given individual as you can get.  This provides a more objective baseline for assessing fit and effectiveness of existing team members as well as how to build a strong team and support its members for success moving forward.

Warren’s approach is down to earth and unpretentious.  His practical application is a strong indicator that it is more than just a theory for him.  I found his approach in working with our company and staff as being more of a partner or team member than a consultant.  This is especially evident in his continued and consistent follow-up.

I strongly recommend any company to seriously consider the value of the Kolbe Index as a tool and Instinctive Solutions as a resource and partner.

Brian Zaporozan

Warren Barry