The Power of Paying it Forward #BetterthePond

I am a big proponent of paying it forward, so recently when I was in line at one of our local grocery stores I had the opportunity to do just that.

A gentleman walked-up to the check-out at the same time as I did. I was going to let him go first as he only had a couple of items. However, when I offered to let him go before me he replied "thank you, but I have to go out to my car and retrieve my wallet". 

By the time he returned I had already paid for his items and had them bagged separately. As he walked-up to retrieve them and get in line to pay I just smiled at him and said "I hope you have a nice day and that you will pay it forward". His face lit-up as he thanked me for my kindness and confirmed he would indeed pay it forward.

Simple acts of kindness are so simple, yet so important.

Warren Barry