Birds of a Feather

As I have watched the moments of my life unfold, I have witnessed many times over that like attracts like

What you put out into the universe, the universe returns in kind.  As you do for others, others will do unto you. Birds of a feather flock together.  Now the name of the game isn’t to do something so that you get something in return, it is more about doing something for someone, and expecting nothing in return.  This sends ripples out into the pond, and you just never know how far those ripples will go out, it’s a pretty big pond out there.

This week I had to take my daughters car back into the shop as the check engine light came on, a week after we had it fixed.  So, we take it in and go out for lunch.  We return about an hour and a half later and the mechanic is just getting finished working on it.  He scanned the computer for an error code, checked the compression, changed over a coil pack, and did some other tests.  He road tested it and voila, no more check engine light.  

I go to the girl in the front end to pay my bill, and the mechanic says, “you were nice, you had your vehicle in here before, and we got it taken care of, have a nice day”.  I said that he did all the work, and that he should be compensated for his time.  He just looked, smiled, and said to have a nice day.  He bettered my pond.  It was an amazing feeling to be on the receiving end of true giving.  At that moment, it just struck me how it’s all a really big circular pond, and we all throw in our pebbles in, and it just keeps going around.  Imagine what the world would be like if everyone threw in a pebble?  All those pebbles collectively could even build a bridge.  We are better together. 

Birds of a feather flock together.  Who’s flock will you fly with?  #betterthepond

Heather Murphy