Genshai is an ancient Hindi word that means. “you should NEVER treat yourself or another person in a manner that makes one feel small.”


I came across this word the other day listening to a program, and it just struck me. How many times do we speak to others knowingly or unknowingly, in a way that could be perceived as condescending, or unappreciative? I know that I have done it. I've caught myself after the fact and thought maybe my tone conveyed more than my words. Were the words I chose to use in that moment, really what I meant? I walked away from that conversation leaving that person feeling smaller than when I went in. And to top it all off, left myself feeling smaller than when I went in.


This just doesn’t make any sense. Why on earth would we ever want to do that to someone else, or to ourselves? If you truly want to embrace your goose, or truly appreciate others, we need to practice Genshai. Before going into a meeting, a conversation, or interaction, put yourself in a position where you will leave that person feeling bigger than when you went in. When you are successful in doing so, not only do they feel bigger, but so do you. Win-win. Who wants to feel small?


We are all in the same pond, we all have something to offer. The pond needs everyone. Why not make it the best habitat that we can? Personally, I don’t want the geese around me to feel lesser than, I want them to be able to soar, birds of a feather. So, the next time you have to engage with someone, practice Genshai. Be a part of a greater pond.
Kinda gives me goose pimples. #betterthepond

Heather Murphy