What does it take?


In light of the horrendous tragedy that occurred recently in Saskatchewan with the Humboldt Bronco’s hockey team, I have been thinking about what it takes to bring people together.

I cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering of everyone involved, and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to each and every individual impacted by this event.

My point to this blog, is to reflect on this question: What does it take to bring people together for the greater good?  At the present moment as I compose this blog entry, the GoFundMe page for the Humbolt Bronco organization and families reports that $15,185,200.00 has been raised in 13 days. That is utterly and absolutely amazing. People around the world were brought together by this loss; they connected, believed in humanity, and gave from the heart, hoping that they could make a difference. They gave, prayed, believed, embraced, and gathered with the intent to comfort; to share pain and burden. They simply longed to connect in whatever way they could, tangible or intangible. 

Why does it take something of this horrific magnitude for us to come together for the greater good? This global effort clearly proves that we are capable of such unity, and shows us what we are all made of.  It was always there, but a powerful catalyst set it free. Is it possible for us to give to others “just because”? To make their life better? To celebrate the fact that they are just there? On a day to day basis, do we need to be whacked upside the head to shake us up enough to realize that we are better together, or inspire us to imagine what can happen in our lives when we do connect? 

Can we all take the opportunity to give, to share, to celebrate, and come together for “no reason”? Today, do something kind for someone. We have absolutely no idea what our future holds, and that alone is reason enough.  #betterthepond

Heather Murphy