What can you count on?


Everyone has unique talents, strengths, and their own way of making it through the world.

They wake up every morning ready to give of themselves their way.  Everyone wants to give it, share it, express it and put it to good use.  No one gets up in the morning and says “Gee, I sure hope I do a crappy job today!” 

I have seen so many people in the workforce that have to work "against their grain".  Now, albeit, we don’t always get to do everything that we like to do all the time.  I have to write proposals, document information, and for the love of God, I am doing case studies which stretches my little Fact Finder longer than Stretch Armstrong, but I am capable of doing so.  But I need to manage it my way because I know what I can count on myself for. Now, my messy desk is a whole other story. 


My point here is that every person in your organization has unique talents and gifts and wants nothing more than to be able to utilize them.  


What if you knew what those gifts and talents were?  What if they knew what they were? Once you can capture someone’s instinctive talents, and then put them in the position where they can utilize them, you know what you can count on them for.  Then, if you praise them for doing what they naturally do, it's like you are talking to their soul; and guess what? They will give you more. Why wouldn’t they? 

It's when we put people in the wrong positions, that they struggle to meet our expectations. Then, we blame them for not doing their job, and they leave. We never stop to realize that we were the problem.  It's such a shame - energy gone to waste.


Allow people to be themselves.  Give them the tasks that allow them to thrive.


Know exactly which outcomes you can count on them to deliver. Let them know what they can count on you for, too.  We are better together. Want to fly in a V?  Know what you can count on!  

Heather Murphy