Is Being Awesome Too Fluffy?


In recent speaking engagements, I have come across what I thought was a very interesting topic. 


Is being awesome too fluffy?  

In my presentations, I have people turn to the person beside them, point at them, look them in the eye, and then tell them that they are awesome.  I was going to speak to a group of CEO’s, and I had a gut feeling that this might not be the group to do this with, but I thought, "Why not, what’s the worst that can happen?"  So, I did it, and it was received on the first round. On the second round, it was tolerated.  On the third round, not so much, and my feedback had reflected it.  Moving on to the next day, I did a workshop for a group of small business owners.  I did exactly the same exercise, and it was completely engaging for them.  In fact, one member said, “It felt really good to do that, and to receive it.” 


So, this got me thinking: why did a group of CEO’s think it was too fluffy, yet a group of small business owners think it was awesome? 

Once you reach a certain level of success, do you not need someone to remind you that you are awesome? As a small business owner, are you so invested in your business, and putting your heart and soul into becoming successful, that you need that shot of “you're awesome” to keep you going?  As a CEO, are you above the business, believing that "being awesome" is for the people below you?  At what point, is being awesome fluffy? 

I personally believe in human potential.  The natural talents, energy, and awesomeness that people possess can never be understated.  Whether you are a CEO, small business owner, manager, front line person, janitor, or maid, everyone has something to offer.  They each offer their mental energy to get things done. They give something of themselves that comes from their core being.  That, in itself, is awesome. Like the popular story of the stone cutters; were they just cutting rocks or were they building a cathedral? Could you tell the King that he was awesome, or would that be too fluffy? Or is that only for the stonecutter building a cathedral? 

People are awesome. Celebrate it. Let them know. Is it fluffy? Let me know...  

Heather Murphy