Hillberg & Berk Testimonial

Hillberg & Berk’s experience working with Warren Barry has been awesome! Warren has made a positive impact on our organization by assisting with the Kolbe assessments, providing workshops and coaching employees based on their results. The majority of our full-time staff have completed the assessment and we have found the results to be both interesting and hugely beneficial.

Warren has truly allowed our employees to understand their natural strengths and has also provided Hillberg & Berk with a better understanding of our team dynamics. Warren’s assessment tool is refreshing as it does not focus on our employee’s personality but rather draws on our employee’s natural strengths.  This has allowed us the ability to tailor positions and focus on our employee’s strengths as opposed to improving weaknesses.  

The Kolbe assessment has been a wonderful recruitment tool in determining how an external candidate will work in a particular role and fit our organization. Warren provides us with valuable reporting and guidance which indicates how well two employees will work together based on their individual results. We have found these reports to be quite useful!

We truly appreciate all the support we have received from Warren.  He has made the entire process easy to facilitate and easy to understand for employees. Warren is an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services if you wish to better understand yourself and your team!


HR Coordinator
Hillberg & Berk


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