TEC Canada Testimonial

I’m pleased to provide this testimonial to highlight Warren Barry’s expertise and tremendous skill as a Kolbe certified professional and facilitator.

Warren was a speaker for my TEC Small Business Group in February 2017. Warren designed and delivered a highly effective session to the ten participants, who are owners/leaders of business in various industries. His engaging, approachable facilitation style appealed to group of diverse participants. By the end of the session, the participants were able to express their individual “a-ha’s” in regarding to how they can now see their strengths in a new light, and how they can apply their Kolbe insights immediately to their work and personal environments.  One significant moment that truly had a profound impact on the participants was an interactive group activity that demonstrated the prediction of human behaviour that an understanding of Kolbe can have on a leader. As a result, each participant was confident to immediately apply his or her learnings following the session.  This new knowledge has helped them consider how to build a dynamic team around them where everyone’s strengths are celebrated.

I highly recommend Warren Barry for your organization. Please feel free to contact me if you require additional information.



B.Ed., M.Ed., PPCC, ACC

Chair, TEC Canada
President, Allen-Hardisty Consulting Inc. 


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